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Current Research Projects

Research: We are looking at what is important to individuals in choosing a financial adviser.

Researchers: Collective of finance professionalslooking for evidence regarding adviser selection criteria used by individuals

Approximate length of survey: 10-15 minutes

Target participant demographic: 18-75

Is the survey anonymous: YES


Research: This project is examining participant's attitudes to a number of investment options that individual's typically consider in their lifetimes

Student Researcher: Paul Moran                                 

Institution: Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Approximate length of survey: 12-15 minutes           

Target Participant Demographic: 28-65 (no investment knowledge required)

Is the survey anonymous: YES



The collection of data for research purposes is always difficult. The recent trend of collecting information via email surveys can limit the access to potential participants, and so this provides a simple web-site to link to these surveys.

This site is used exclusively for the collection of legitimate research regarding financial decision-making. It will have no links to any financial service or product provider. Researchers can contact the site owner to request access to the site to post their on-line surveys.

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